Bathroom Beauty

Bathroom Beauty
Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a Pattern Bite, but today I thought I would prompt you, in case you’ve been thinking about making some changes in your home. Are you tempted to try wallpapering, but can’t quite get yourself to do the whole drawing room?? Why not experiment with a wallpaper in a bathroom…? 

Bathrooms are a great place to test out your love for patterns as they tend to have less furniture - hence you have more of a “blank canvas” to work with.

You might be worried about the humidity in a bathroom, but if it is well ventilated, and you are using a good quality wallpaper, it will be absolutely fine. If you are still a little nervous, use some tiling in an area prone to splashing - OR you can try some matching or contrasting wooden panelling to create a very sleek look.

As a result, your tiny or huge bathroom could become your favourite room in the house yet…. Just choose a wallpaper which gives you a sense of happy calm - and away you go. For bathroom wallpaper ideas see below. Should you wish a bespoke option, contact me at and I’ll be happy to discuss your needs!

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