Does size matter?

Argonaut Shell on Grey non woven wallpaper @miloladesign
Small patterns in small rooms, large patterns in small rooms ….which angle do you take?

The answer… brave but follow your gut. Be brave by testing out what could be counterintuitive….you might discover a style which will make your heart jump with joy every time you find yourself in your newly decorated room. Small rooms can be the perfect canvas for large scale patterns. Try full on and dare to go on all walls. Covering one wall in a small room will only make the room look smaller. Consider covering the ceiling for a jewel box effect and that little poky room could become a W.O.W haven. You don’t need to plaster the whole house with large scale wallpaper motives….but the odd room here and there done well will uplift, change your energy and put a smile on your face. Worth giving a go!