Showing up

Showing up

Just me fake looking at wallpaper, wearing the usual dress that I (don’t) wear to work...smiling away as I do (not) all day long. Fun to do a little photo shoot with my daughter... - but oh how difficult it is actually. I don’t understand how so many people “show up” on their insta feed the whole time looking perfect. So out of insecurity we made a thing of it...but I’m telling you...out of the 300 some photos that we’ve taken, about 3 made the cut...just. Is that too honest...🧐?? 🌸

The office is taking shape which is exciting. Waiting to stop office sharing with some of the home-schoolers that have moved in to finish it off...but so far so good. Hope you are coping well through this period...we are closer to things shifting back ...slowly but surely, it will happen🌈. Keep learning, getting inspired and possibly dreaming...? 💫


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