Great Balls of Coral Wallpaper - Green
Great Balls of Coral - Green - Wallpaper - Milola Design
Great Balls of Coral Wallpaper - Green

Great Balls of Coral Wallpaper - Green

Great Balls of Coral Wallpaper isn't hiding anything from you. This design is based on details of green coral, which have been designed into large filigree botanical balls. Hence the great've got it, of coral.

Although this design is based on 18th Century botanical copper plates - the design very much has a contemporary feel to it. A fun statement wallpaper which retains its vintage design origin and yet will confidently exude a fresh and modern setting into an interior. A great wallpaper design for a bathroom, summer house, beach house, or any room where you want to create an airy light feel infused with a leading edge vibe. Should you be interested in custom colour variation of this wallpaper design, please contact .

Repeat: V 26cm H 26cm

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I am happy to colour match or tweak elements of a wallpaper design. Other finishes are also available for specific room needs. Just email at to discuss.


52cm wide, 10 meter long rolls made of the highest quality non woven wallpaper


This is a paste the wall product - no decorating table necessary. For detailed hanging instructions click here.


All wallpaper orders take an average of 2-3 weeks for delivery as they are printed to order.


Designed in Germany, made in England.

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